Terms and Conditions for Voucher Holders
(updated April 2016)

This contract is made with you, but you can give the voucher to someone else provided you tell us in writing or by e-mail. These terms and conditions will still apply, and "you" in the rest of these terms and conditions will refer to that person.

1 - Our Obligations to You

1.1 The voucher will entitle you to participate in a tandem skydive on a date to be arranged, within 12 months of its purchase.

1.2 A full refund will be made to the purchaser if the voucher is returned to us within one calendar month of receipt. After that time, provided you have not yet booked a date for your skydive, we will make a refund less an administration cost of £30, if it is certified by a doctor that there is no possibility that you will be medically fit to skydive, other than by reason of pregnancy, during the validity period of your voucher. If you are unable to skydive during the validity period of your voucher because you are pregnant we will extend the validity period until your doctor certifies you fit to skydive, but not exceeding 12 months from your voucher expiry date.

1.3 Tandem skydiving and parachute flight sorties are completely dependant upon the weather and are regulated by the British Parachute Association (BPA) and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). It may be necessary to postpone a flight or tandem skydive if in our judgement, the conditions are not safe. We will give you as much warning of any postponement as operational procedures allow, but in order to ensure your safety we reserve the right to postpone a flight or tandem skydive at any time before or after your arrival at the airfield on any booked date.

1.4 We do not accept liability for any costs or expenses you incur if we have to postpone your tandem skydive, where the reason for postponement is beyond our control.

1.5 Registration at the airfield on the day of your jump will automatically give you insurance cover for Personal Liability (3rd party insurance). If you require Personal Accident insurance cover, you will need to arrange this yourself beforehand.

2 - Your Obligations to Us

2.1 Your voucher is valid for a period of twelve months from the issue date shown on the voucher. If your tandem skydive is not taken within that time you will lose the right to participate unless the validity period has been extended under these terms and conditions. Before your voucher expires, you can extend the validity by a further six months beyond the expiry date. Such extensions will be subject to an administration fee of £25.

2.2 Your voucher can be redeemed either online at our website or by telephone. We will confirm your booking by letter or e-mail, and give you a time to arrive at the airfield.

2.3 A maximum clothed weight of 16.5 stone (male), 14 stone (female), and a reasonable height to weight ratio is a condition of acceptance.

2.4 The minimum age is 16. If under 18, written consent from your parent or guardian will be required. You will find a form enclosed with your voucher.

2.5 You will be required to complete a Tandem Student Parachutist Medical Information and Declaration Form. This form is a self-declaration. You will find a form enclosed with your voucher.

If for medical reasons you are unable to self-declare, then you will be required to complete a Tandem Student Parachutist Doctor’s Medical Certificate. This form will be sent to you on request and will need to be signed and stamped by your doctor.

You must not jump if you are pregnant or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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